RUN 19 Nov 2018

RUN NUMBER - 1751 Joint with PAD
LOCATION -Bold Forester, Sarisbury
Green SO31 7EL (on A27 nr Bursledon)
GRID - 506087
HARES -  TurnupTony & Bika


LOCATION - The Jolly Farmer, Andover Road, Winchester, SO22 6A
HARES -  Portia

RUN 26 Nov 2018

RUN NUMBER - 1752 Joint with PAD
LOCATION -Cleveland Bay, Pilgrims Close,
Valley Park, Chandlers Ford SO53 4ST

GRID - 5420200
HARES -  Ladies Wot Run

NEWS and Messages

1. The wibbly Wobbly has started its 6th winter season and the run numbers ave been updated

2.  Web pages for the hash -

Team App - 

FaceBook Page.

Strava Club  (Worthy Winchester Hash House Harriers)  

The Running club with a Drinking problem !

Hashing is a form of non-competitive cross-country running with the main objective of meeting up with friends, getting some exercise and working up a decent thirst which is why we start the run from a pub car park (There is some element of planning in this madness!).

The Worthy Winchester is a family friendly hash with runners from the age of 5 upwards to whatever Honka is these days.  The run trail accommodate those out for a walk with children or sticks up to the normal trail of 6-8 km. There are short cuts for those who want a shorter run and everyone can go at their own pace as the trail is designed to keep the pack together by sending the fast runners on false trails.

You do not have to join as such as we have a weekly run fee which covers social drinks etc.  Just turn up at the location, where you will be made welcome, give it a try.  You have nothing to lose , except perhaps your sanity, as the first run is free.

The (Very Worthy) Winchester Hash House Harriers were founded at Worthy Down, Hampshire on the 18th January 1984 and have been running more or less regularly ever since.

We run from a pub car park somewhere in the Winchester area (or within 20 miles ish) every week on a Monday evening starting at 18:45 sharp(ish).

 FaceBook Page.